Customized Single-use Surgical Procedures Packs
and Bulk Packaged Disposable Products

PRO-PAKS Personalized Eye Tray Systems offer the best option for Surgical Packs and a Systematized approach combined with the Personal Touch.

PRO-PAKS personalized procedure trays offers a fully custom pack, from EXACT components to EXACT quantities and the ability to adapt the sequence of which the individual items are placed in the pack. We bring you a truly personal surgical experience.

  • Save Time & Money - Save your money by reducing direct supply cost and surgical set up time.
  • Streamline Ordering - Streamline inventory and reduce supply ordering time.
  • Go Green & Reduce Waste - Eliminate waste by specifying only the items you want in a pack for your surgery.
  • Automated Shipments - "On Time" automated shipments.
  • Fully Customized - Fully customized by requesting manufacturer's products.
  • Flexible Delivery and Commitment Options - One Year Agreement, 6 Month Agreement, Month to Month