Customized Injection Trays

I-TRAYCustomized Injection Trays

PRO-PAKS is excited to introduce our new production line to accommodate the ever growing needs of our customers for a more personalized take on injection trays.

Providing our clients with a larger foundation upon which they can further customize the surgical experience. Continuing the concept of being able to fully customize your surgical packs. Our I-Trays offer another spectrum for in office procedures that can simplify experience for patients and doctors alike.

Customized Surgical Procedure Packs & Packaged Ophthalmic Single Use Products

Save your money by reducing direct supply cost and surgical set up time.

  • Customized Surgical Procedure Packs
  • Premium PVA Products

  • Patient drapes and Covers

Your Surgical Kit, Your Way – Not Throw Away

Specializing in Ophthalmology, Servicing the Entire Surgical Community

PRO-PAKS Personalized Eye Tray Systems offer the best option for Surgical Packs and a Systemized approach combined with the Personal Touch. Let us make your procedures yours with PRO-PAKS.

The PRO-PAKS program distinguishes itself from all other custom packs by recognizing and reconciling the value of custom packs with today's economic environment.

PRO-PAKS personalized procedure trays offers a fully custom pack, width exact components to exact quantities and the ability to adapt the sequence of which the individual items are placed in the pack. We bring you a truly personal surgical experience.

Packs made "your way" eliminate waste while saving precious resources allowing your practice to take a truly green approach to our environment.

saving money, surgical set up time and streamlining inventory - a win-win solution for you, your staff and the planet...



Our Service is Your Solution!

The Eye Care market was one of the first to embrace Custom Eye Trays when they first introduced in the early 1980s. The product flexibility within Custom Eye Trays permitted unlimited individual surgeon preferences.

Since the inception of PRO-PAKS in 1984 our management and staff have committed to minimizing waste in your surgical facility. We are committed to reducing medical waste in order to help create a better environment.

Today, increasing pressures to reduce costs have necessitated a scaling back of total "customization". Facilities and their staff find themselves in a paradoxical state of standardizing their "custom" packs.

Pro-Paks solves this issue, offering total customization at a manufacturer direct price.